How To Remove Saved Usernames and Passwords from Firefox

One commonly used feature in Firefox is the ability to store usernames and passwords for websites you frequently visit. Saving login information removes the needs to enter it every time you visit a site.

A feature that was added in the Firefox 3 release is the ability to update saved passwords for sites you visit.  This removed the problem of having duplicate usernames with different passwords.

But what if your username for a site changes? Without the ability to update the saved username, multiple entries are shown when logging in to a site.

Only one of these usernames is valid.

Removing this old login information is easily done by following the guide below.


Step 1: Open Firefox and navigate to Tools > Options.

Step 2: Click the Security icon.

Step 3: Click Saved Passwords… to open the Saved Passwords dialog box.

Step 4: Find the site you wish to remove by using the search bar at the top of the dialog or by using the scroll bar on the right side.

Step 5: Once you have found the site username and password you wish to remove, select it and click the Remove button.

Step 6 (Optional): In the event that you wish to remove all saved usernames and passwords, you can click the Remove All button to do so.

Step 7: Close the Saved Passwords dialog and click OK.

The removed username and password is not shown the next time you visit the site it was removed from.

Invalid username removed!

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9 responses to “How To Remove Saved Usernames and Passwords from Firefox”

  1. mr dude Avatar
    mr dude

    Unfortunately, only usernames that actually have a saved password show here.  I often need to delete usernames that do not have a saved password, just from typo mistakes when filling in forms.  Sometimes I even miss hitting tab and end up putting both username and password into the username field, and guess what happens..Now it shows anyone clicks on that field both my username AND password!! And since the username is wrong, there is no password to save, and since there is technically no saved password, it will now show up in this window so I can delete it!

    1. the lady Avatar
      the lady

      I actually just found it. go to the website that has the username that you wish to delete. when you see it pop up in the dropdown menu under the username field (as seen in the first image on this page), simply make sure the username that you wish is highlighted by rolling over with your mouse and hit SHIFT+DELETE
      it’s that simple. lol

      1. Big Fish Avatar
        Big Fish

         Woo Hoo!  The Lady, you are a genius. If I were next to you, I’d kiss you (not in a creepy way). Sometimes, the simplest things can bring out such pleasure in us. Thanks again.

      2. JB Avatar

        Yes, thanks “the lady.” I had the very same issues “mr dude” had. Most helpful shortcut. I would still love to know “where” those usernames are saved by FF. Maybe Mr. Patterson can expand his how-to to include this.

      3. Vivek R S Avatar
        Vivek R S

        Thank yo so much “the lady”…. U r really gr8

      4. dnokc Avatar

        Still works 5 years later!

  2. BH Avatar

    There’s an easier way to just remove the unwanted username.. Go to the username field, press the down arrow key and press the down arrow key until you are highlighting the one you want to remove, then press the Shift and Delete key.

  3. Dylan S Avatar

    Thank you so much for this information! We have a family computer downstairs that I some times use for websites such as facebook, and the computer always has an auto login remember which I didn’t know how to get rid of for the longest time. Since it’s a family computer I didn’t want to risk my family going into my facebook account. Not that they will but I just didn’t want to risk it. Not that I have anything bad just didn’t like the idea of some one having access to my facebook account.

  4. Μιχαλης Τ. Avatar
    Μιχαλης Τ.

    thank you

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