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  • How to Remove Duplicate Facebook Entries from Motorola Droid Contacts

    One mildly irritating bug I’ve noticed on my Motorola Droid is that some of my contacts accumulate duplicate Facebook profiles in their contact information.  Opening their contact information can show from 5-7 additional Facebook profiles, but they all open the correct profile page. Here’s a quick fix I came up with to remove the duplicates: […]

  • Twitter Now Supports Geotagging (but you have to enable it first)

    You’ve probably heard the buzz for the last few weeks, and now it’s official – Twitter now supports geotagging your tweets.  What exactly does this mean? From Twitter Support: Twitter’s Geotagging feature allows users who opt-in to the service to selectively Geotag their tweets with their exact location and provide more context to users about […]

  • Facebook Can Use Your Likeness in Advertisements Unless You Disable It

    Did you know that Facebook could use your name and picture in advertisements shown to your friends?  They can (and already are) unless you’ve dug through several layers of settings and manually disabled it. Facebook explains: Facebook occasionally pairs advertisements with relevant social actions from a user’s friends to create Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads make […]

  • Become a Facebook Power User with Facebook Fixer

    Sure,  you know how to use Facebook pretty well – but there are dozens of features you can add to the popular social networking site with Firefox and Greasemonkey scripts.  Greasemonkey is an add-on for Firefox that lets you enhance webpages with user generated scripts, and can enable features in Facebook like: Enlarging profile pictures […]

  • How To: Filter the Noise From Your Facebook News Feed

    Update: We’ve published a new edition of this article for the updated version of Facebook.  Check that out instead. Facebook has made some interface changes lately which have caused some frustration with its core users.  Most recently, they’ve removed the ability to exclusively view status updates on the Friends tab, which leaves you with only […]

  • Facebook Releases Desktop Application, Aptly Named Facebook Desktop

    Facebook – the world’s fastest growing social network – wants to keep you connected to your social network without the web browser.  Using their newly released Facebook Desktop application, you can connect with friends, view your stream, and publish information right from your desktop computer. To install Facebook Desktop, you first need to install the […]