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  • Facebook Unveils New Messaging Service That Will Revolutionize Communication

    Is Facebook trying to conquer the world?  It seems so. On Monday, Facebook held a conference in California where a new messaging service powered by the uber-giant, social-networking site was unveiled. There has been a lot of speculation and buzz the past few weeks and months about Facebook’s version of email.  While it’s being officially […]

  • Crack the Lid on Gmail’s Canned Responses to Dish Out Quick Replies

    If you find yourself writing impersonal, repetitive emails often, Gmail’s Canned Responses feature is a great way to streamline this tedious process.  Canned Responses allows you to save pre-written messages, so next time you need to remind Ted that the wireless network’s ID is “Potato1” you can take care of it with just a couple […]

  • Psych Out the Email Spammers By Using 10 Minute Mail

    If you are like me, you have a few email accounts doing very specific things.  One account is most likely for work, another for personal, and then there is the illustrious spam account. This account is like a neglected shelf in the refrigerator.  Stuff comes in, sits a while, piles up, and before you know […]

  • Priority Inbox: Gmail Tells You What Messages are Important, You Profit (?)

    Busy people, rejoice.  Gmail, the primary electronic mail client offered by the giant Google, is getting a simple add-on sometime in the near future (it’s actually rolling out right now, but it will be a week before everybody has it). What does it entail, one might ask?  Well, its a filter.  Not a new spam […]

  • Gmail Improves Undo Send Feature, Saving Careers and Relationships

    I’m probably a little over-paranoid, but I always get a slight wave of anxiety before I send an important email.  Questions like “Did I say the right things?”, “Did I address it to the correct person?”, and “Did I refrain from speaking like a pirate?” all rush through my head before I click that ominous […]

  • Gmail Adds Highly Requested Feature – Rich Text Signatures

    I have a very simple email signature in Gmail, but I’ve always been disappointed that I wasn’t able to add links or change the formatting.  I mean, we can use the rich text editor in the main composition window of Gmail, why can’t we use it in our signatures? For example, I get away with […]

  • Infographic: Study Shows Email is Still Our Favorite (with poll!)

    Good news, anyone!  If you’ve ever been worried about communication services like Twitter or Facebook eroding the usefulness of your beloved email, a recent study by ExactTarget shows that email is still the king of our digital lives. The study they conducted asked users “What is the first place you go online in a typical […]

  • Gmail Tip: How to Quickly View Unread Messages

    If you’re like me, your inbox can get pretty cluttered with unread messages after being away from my computer for a day. Since I use multiple inboxes to split my Gmail inbox into several smaller inboxes, I can have unread messages all over the place on a particularly busy day. In this guide, I’ll show […]

  • How to Manage, Mute, or Complete Hide Google Buzz Notifications in Gmail

    Love it or hate it, Google Buzz can make a lot of noise in your inbox if you have a few engaged followers.  When any of your followers reply to a message you post in Buzz, you will receive a notification in your inbox that contains a live view of the Buzz message.  This is […]

  • Gmail Now Uses Secure HTTPS Connection by Default

    When you see a web address that starts with https, it’s typically for something important like your bank account or online shopping.  That prefix means the information you submit – credit cards, home addresses, or social security numbers – are kept private between your computer and the site you’re visiting. Gmail started offering secure https […]