Priority Inbox: Gmail Tells You What Messages are Important, You Profit (?)

Busy people, rejoice.  Gmail, the primary electronic mail client offered by the giant Google, is getting a simple add-on sometime in the near future (it’s actually rolling out right now, but it will be a week before everybody has it).

What does it entail, one might ask?  Well, its a filter.  Not a new spam filter (Gmail already has one of those), but a new new filter that tells you, the user, what emails are important or not.  Yes, you hear me right: Google will soon tell you what emails are a priority or not.  Consider it a Priority Inbox – a new tier of mail sorting.  A bold step forward in email efficiency.

Still not convinced?  See for yourself in this nifty YouTube video.

According to Google, this filter is for sorting out the “bologna” or “bacn” emails (Are there any other email terms that use meat references?), or rather the mail that we don’t want immediately but would still like to read later.  Using what I can only assume is magic, the new filter also will note the frequency of emails from contacts as well as how often you reply to them and add them to the priority list.

If you do not like what Gmail is deeming important, buttons will be available to confirm or deny the priority of the emails coming in.  As the cute animated video mentioned, the system should adaptively get better and better the more you use it, eventually knowing what you personally like to see first when you check your mail.  Just like Skynet.

This cool new feature is currently in beta, but expect it to be coming to a Gmail inbox near you very soon (if it already hasn’t).  If more reading is necessary, the details of the Priority Inbox can be read on the official Gmail blog.

Thanks to Google, we can finally get some real work done (Like checking Facebook, surfing the web, and updating on Twitter).  Ah, the joys of efficiency.

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3 responses to “Priority Inbox: Gmail Tells You What Messages are Important, You Profit (?)”

  1. Eric Mugendi Avatar

    Just got mine today, and so far it’s a hit. Love it.

  2. Christopher Avatar

    I use filters to filter out message that I don’t like. I think Gmail is getting too complicated. I tried the Priority Inbox and I didn’t like it.

  3. Evan Wondrasek Avatar

    I use filters as well (I import several email accounts into one, and filter them outside of the Inbox). An important tip if you’re filtering is to open Priority Inbox settings and enable the checkbox for including filtered messages. I was having important messages not show up otherwise.

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