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  • How to Back Up Your Google Tasks

    How to Back Up Your Google Tasks

    One of the the main concerns people have about trusting their data to a cloud service is whether or not they can get their information out of a  particular service. Some services do a good job. Others … well, not so much. Google is trying to make backing up your data easier, with both Google […]

  • Recover Lost Files with Disk Drill for Mac

    Have you ever been looking for a file and then realize you trashed it? If this has happened to you recently, you may be in luck. You can download Disk Drill from Cleverfiles Software for the Mac. Disk Drill can scan your hard drive drive for recently deleted files and can restore the lost files or […]

  • A Personal Appeal from Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales to Read This Blog Post

    If you’ve checked out Wikipedia lately, you’ll notice that there’s a large, dramatic picture of a man named Jimmy Wales at the top of each page.  This guy is the founder of Wikipedia, and he wants you to give the Wikimedia Foundation some money to keep the lights on at Wikipedia. So why does this […]

  • Visualize Your Digital Relationships with Facebook’s Friendship Pages

    Despite frequent privacy concerns, the tremendous amount of data stored in Facebook actually has a lot of positive uses.  One of those is utilized in Facebook’s newest feature, Friendship Pages. If you’ve been on Facebook for awhile, you’ve unknowingly built intricate digital relationships with your friends on the social network.  Friendship Pages lets you visualize […]

  • Cross-platform SyncMate Lets You Sync Files with All Your Devices

    With everybody being so connected digitally these days, keeping basic information synced to all of your devices can be a nightmare. The nightmare can be even more difficult if you are the owner of an Apple computer and have a Windows or Nokia phone (and even worse if your understanding of network sharing is limited). […]

  • Synchronize and Backup Your Files with SyncToy 2.0

    Are you tired of trying to keep up with synchronizing files on more than one computer or external storage device? SyncToy 2.0, a free application from Microsoft, solves this problem by allowing you to copy, move, rename, and delete files between storage devices or computers quickly and easily. Getting started with SyncToy is very easy:  […]

  • How To: Securely Erase Your Hard Drive Using DBAN

    It’s likely that at some point in time, you will either sell your computer or install a new operating system on your current machine.  In either situation, it’s recommended that you wipe your hard drive clean of any and all information. Most people will tell you to format your computer because it deletes everything from the […]