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  • How 4G mobile networks are changing our lives

    When the iPhone 5 was announced, many people wondered how its many incremental changes would allow Apple to take the lead again in the smartphone market. Of all the changes, there is one feature that will be the most important, and will most impact the impression of the public: 4G. The 4G radio upgrade that […]

  • Verizon Starts Throttling Top 5% of Data Users

    It wasn’t too long ago when AT&T announced they would be throttling the data speed of their top 5% of heaviest data users. While Verizon announced that they would be doing this to their users back in February, it looks like they have decided to finally start putting their plan into action before AT&T starts […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S II Phones Finally Land On U.S. Soil

    Back in May, South Korea and the United Kingdom were the first territories to get their hands on Samsung’s Galaxy S II smartphone, which was announced in February. More countries were slowly being added to the list, with Canada being the first North American country to receive the phone in late July. Finally, we Americans […]

  • AT&T To Throttle Top 5% of Heaviest Unlimited Data Users

    If you’re one of the veteran AT&T users that have been grandfathered into an unlimited data plan and are set to stream all-you-can-play TV shows, movies, and music from your smartphone, be prepared to have your data speed throttled if you make it into the top 5% list of AT&T’s heaviest unlimited data users come […]

  • How to Profit from the AT&T/Alltel Merger

    Now that AT&T may be acquiring T-Mobile, their acquisition of Alltel in a few states since the Verizon/Alltel merger is old news. By now everyone has pretty much figured out the jig. Every current Alltel customer gets a free AT&T phone because the two networks use different technologies, and a current Alltel phone won’t work […]

  • Motorola Atrix – The Future of Mobile Computing

    Motorola Atrix – The Future of Mobile Computing

    With practically everything available at our fingertips via smartphone, “What could the mobile market possibly do next?” I thought. We have 1 GHz processors in most new smart phones, an incredibly powerful, ever-growing Android OS, the simple and beautiful iOS 4, turn-by-turn navigation, mobile Google Docs, 4G wireless connections, video chat, 720p video recording, 1080p video […]

  • How to Install Google Android on the HTC Kaiser (AT&T Tilt)

    Edit: Android can now be directly installed to NAND on the Kaiser. Flashing to NAND will allow direct booting to Android and complete replacement of Windows Mobile. NAND installation requires a HardSPL, while the method described below does not. For details on NAND flashing, please check this thread. Since its launch, Google’s open-source linux-based mobile […]