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  • 6 myths about the PC vs. Mac debate

    The PC vs. Mac wars just need to die. They’re stupid and pointless. They accomplish absolutely nothing but just more back-and-forth shouting, and the same exact arguments come up every time, making the PC vs. Mac flamewar one giant cliche. Here are six arguments that come up in every PC vs. Mac debate that are complete […]

  • First Look: Using Windows 8 on a Tablet

    Microsoft is aiming high with Windows 8. Not only will Windows 8 be their next flagship desktop operation system, Microsoft is also looking to make it their first OS that’s actually usable on a tablet (anyone who has used any version of Windows on a tablet up to now will tell you that it makes […]

  • Bring Python to Your .NET Development with IronPython

    Bring Python to Your .NET Development with IronPython

    Python is a high-level programming language that has gained popularity in recent years for its emphasis on clear code that is easy to read, combined with surprising power and flexibility. Because Python is free and open-source, it has become a widely used scripting language primarily for web-based applications…but did you know that a little help from […]

  • How to install Microsoft’s FxCop for Visual Studio 2010

    I recently discovered Visual Studio Achievements, which as the name indicates, adds video game-style “achievements” to Microsoft’s premiere IDE while you code. Visual Studio Achievements was even created by Microsoft’s Channel9 team, so you know it’s the real deal. Some of the unlockable achievements include positive awards like “Add 10 regions to a class. Your […]

  • A Programmer’s Dilemma: Choosing between Qt and .NET

    A Programmer’s Dilemma: Choosing between Qt and .NET

    I’ve been a programmer for a long time, but admittedly, most of my efforts have been devoted to web-based projects (PHP, ASP) and command line desktop programs with a very limited audience. Recently, I’ve decided to swallow my pride and accept that I need to learn to make desktop apps that…don’t suck. Where do I […]

  • How to make your Windows tablet look like Windows Phone 7

    I recently noticed that when I told people I bought an ASUS EP121 Eee Slate tablet PC with Windows 7, they usually asked me “What do you do for easy access to nifty apps and news and stuff?” And sadly, it was a question I could not easily answer without adding sarcasm or criticism (a […]

  • Windows Phone 7 Alert: HTC Connection Settings app is bad for your phone

    Windows Phone 7 Alert: HTC Connection Settings app is bad for your phone

    If your Windows Phone has “HTC Connection Settings” installed on it, remove it immediately. If you come across this app in the Marketplace, do not download it. It’s a pointless app that serves no real purpose, anyway, so I doubt anyone would miss it. I know I don’t.

  • Use Android Apps in Windows With BlueStacks

    Use Android Apps in Windows With BlueStacks

    A little company called BlueStacks is making waves after releasing an Android app player for Windows. Android developers are excited about the prospect of bring their applications to the desktop, and Android users are probably excited to have yet another venue for playing Angry Birds. The excitement surrounding BlueStacks’ software has led AMD and Citrix to […]

  • Windows 8 Gets A Brand New Task Manager

    Back before we all knew better, the Windows task manager was accepted as the ugly eyesore that it currently is and we were happy to put it far out of our minds until the next time we had the misfortune to need it. To the experienced user, the task manager is a necessary evil, complicated, […]

  • The Little-Advertised New Features of Windows Phone 7 “Mango”

    The purpose of this article is to expose a couple of my favorite new features that were not so well-known prior to release. Not only are these features nice-to-have enhancements, they have simplified and improved day-to-day use of my mobile phone.