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Windows Phone 7 Alert: HTC Connection Settings app is bad for your phone

Bad News Bears“HTC Connection Settings” is a free app from HTC which comes pre-loaded on some of HTC’s Windows Phone 7 mobile phones and can be downloaded from the company’s “HTC Hub” app or from the Marketplace. Unfortunately, this app suddenly decided that my phone didn’t need data access anymore – talk about bad news.

After enduring more than 6 hours without any data access, I decided to give Verizon a call and see what was going on. With a stroke of luck, Verizon’s Customer Support was very helpful and friendly (unlike some of my past dealings). The gentleman from customer support walked me through several troubleshooting steps, including reprogramming my phone on Verizon’s network, and was able to effectively rule out the idea that it was a problem on their end. He then told me to make sure I had all of my important data  backed up, because we needed to reset my phone to the factory defaults. After securing a backup, I went ahead and reset my phone.

I was skeptical that this would produce anything more than another headache for me, but to my surprise my 3G connection was then fully functioning. This led me to believe that it was either a glitch in Microsoft’s Windows Phone  7 OS (which is unlikely, since such an issue would be widely reported), or a problem with an app I had installed. After doing some internet sleuthing, I came across several forum posts about the same issue being related to the “HTC Connection Settings” app after installing the Mango update.

If your Windows Phone has “HTC Connection Settings” installed on it, I recommend that you remove it immediately. If you come across this app in the Marketplace, do not download it. It’s a pointless app that serves no real purpose anyway, so I doubt anyone would miss it. I know I don’t.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue? Let me know in the comments section below.



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3 responses to “Windows Phone 7 Alert: HTC Connection Settings app is bad for your phone”

  1. Dede3480 Avatar

    It does have purpose… Its by far the most useful app if lets say you want to take an HD7S and put it on Tmobile or Simple Mobile network… Select manual setup and then choose the carrier from the list of carriers in the drop down box. It will configure the phone to work properly on your new network making sure you receive things like MMS…. If you have an app and don’t know what it does, simply saying it’s useless is …. Well…. You know !

    1. Bryant Sombke Avatar

      I see your point, but any app that completely breaks my network access is useless in my mind.

  2. Bobby Messano Avatar

    Had the same problem…trying to fix it

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