Author: Jacob Bean

  • 7 Great Apps and Games for Android

    2010 was a great year for smartphones. Some of top used social networking apps and games on the Android system were Plume, Facebook, Youtube, and others. A little review for the apps are provided.

  • iPhone 4: Coming to Verizon on February 10

    After years of wanting and months of speculations, the iPhone is finally coming to the Verizon network. I honestly never thought this would happen! Announcement A press conference was held this morning in New York City. At the press conference, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam and Apple COO Tim Cook, along with Verizon Wireless CEO Dan […]

  • Holiday Gift Guide: Something For The Whole Family Edition

    For some, holiday shopping is a joyous and fun task, but for others it’s a difficult one. A lot of the difficulty stems from not knowing what to get someone. Being a person that loves shopping, let me give you a little guidance for buying gifts for the whole family. Gift Ideas for Grandparents My […]

  • How The Internet Has Changed (and created new) Holiday Rituals

    The internet has changed lives every day. It has changed how we learn, work, and communicate. It’s also changed how we celebrate the holidays – let’s just hope that Santa doesn’t get cheap on us and start sending us presents through email. One of the biggest ways that technology has impacted the holidays is by […]

  • Facebook Unveils New Messaging Service That Will Revolutionize Communication

    Is Facebook trying to conquer the world?  It seems so. On Monday, Facebook held a conference in California where a new messaging service powered by the uber-giant, social-networking site was unveiled. There has been a lot of speculation and buzz the past few weeks and months about Facebook’s version of email.  While it’s being officially […]

  • Netflix on PS3 and Wii is Finally Disc-Free!

    More than likely you have heard of a little – I mean HUGE – company called Netflix. Yes, the company that runs on ingenuity and has made thousands of movies, TV shows and documentaries available via mail and instant streaming. While they are still mailing out movies and TV shows, it’s nothing compared to the […]

  • Skype Rolls Out Version 5.0 With Facebook Integration and 10-Way Video Calling

    Skype just got a lot more social! Since mid-Summer, Skype 5.0 Beta has been available, but this past week they rolled out the full version, jam-packed with new features, updates, and a slick new user interface that wasn’t available in the recent beta. Probably some of the biggest and most talked about features within the […]