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  • How to View Google Analytics from Your WordPress Dashboard

    Keeping track of visitors to your blog is important.  While there are many services and tools available for tracking visitors to your site, Google Analytics is often the service of choice. In this article I am going to provide you with a couple of plugins to view Google Analytics within your WordPress blog. Google Analytics […]

  • How to Let Your WordPress Blog Visitors Upload Files To Your Dropbox

    Dropbox is one of our favorite pieces of software here at Techerator.  Every day, people are coming up with new ways to use the free online file backup and syncing service.  When used with other software, Dropbox can be utilized for just about anything. The Dropbox Upload Form plugin for WordPress is a small plugin […]

  • Essential WordPress Plugins Part 2: Administration

    In the second part of our Essential WordPress Plugins series we will be taking a look at some plugins that are designed to make managing your WordPress site easier. WP-Database backup The WP-Database Backup plugin automates the database backup process and puts your mind to ease about the safety of your blog. WP-Database Backup can […]

  • Essential WordPress Plugins Part 1: Security

    As the popularity of the easy-to-use WordPress blogging software increases, developers and users continue to develop more creative ways to use it. Although WordPress comes as a basic content management system by default, users have developed an array of plugins that allow web developers vast amounts of control and options for their WordPress-based websites. In […]

  • WordPress Plugin: Login To Other User Accounts With Skeleton Key

    WordPress allows for contributors to be geographically separated but still able to work together in an online environment.  At times, however, administrators need to log into their contributor’s accounts to troubleshoot and fix problems.  Since most people aren’t comfortable telling you their private passwords, how can you login to a user’s account without having them […]

  • WordPress Plugin: Lock Accounts After Invalid Logins with User Locker

    As the popularity of content management systems such as WordPress increases, the number of security threats will also increase.  Your first defense against intruders is the WordPress login page. By default, there is no limit to the number of times a user can attempt to login to WordPress.  This makes your website vulnerable to brute […]

  • How to Keep WordPress Secure with WP Security Scan

    If you’re running a WordPress self-hosted website, you are probably aware that WordPress’s popularity has caused it to become a frequent target for hackers.  Aside from keeping your WordPress software up-to-date (which is the most important step you can take to secure your website), it is critical to make sure your site’s folder permissions are […]