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  • Manage your to-do list on Android, iOS, and Chrome with Any.DO

    Any.DO started as an Android-only solution to the public’s to-do list blues, and it did a damn good job of cheering us up. As a result, Any.DO became a both popular and critically acclaimed app by tech blogs everywhere. Personally, I’ve been a regular user of Any.DO for the past six months or so and […]

  • Collaborate on Documents Online with ScribTex

    Collaborate on Documents Online with ScribTex

    Let’s talk about LaTeX. No, LaTeX (the document markup language and preparation system). For a majority of computer users, LaTeX is so far off their radars that it doesn’t exist. But for others — students, writers, scientists, academics — LaTeX is the way to write and typeset beautiful documents. The problem with LaTeX, at least […]

  • Converting Files Online, Quickly and Easily

    Converting Files Online, Quickly and Easily

    Ever come across a file that you can’t open? You know what I mean — an archive with the extension .rar or an Apple Numbers spreadsheet. We’ve all run into that situation before. And still do. Some of us more regularly than others, and yes, it can be frustrating. Instead of running around trying to […]

  • Greplin: Your Personal Search Engine

    Greplin: Your Personal Search Engine

    If you use more than a couple of web applications, you know how difficult it can be to find things in those applications. Sure, services like Google Docs and Gmail have great built-in search, but services like Dropbox and Twitter … well, not so much. With Greplin, you can search a number of popular web […]

  • Convert Web Pages to PDF, Quickly and Easily

    Even though we live in an increasingly digital world, many people still can’t let go of paper. Look around any office (even your home office) and you’ll see a hard copy of some content from one website or another. The next time you’re on public transit, take a peek at your fellow passengers; chances are […]

  • Stream Music, Create Playlists, and Save the Party for Free with Grooveshark

    Here is the situation: You’re at a party – the girls want to dance and your buddy wants to fist pump like a champ – but no one has any music. You spot an iPod in the corner and take a look at the selection, but all you see are 90’s boy bands and a […]

  • Staff Picks: Top Web Apps and Software of 2009

    Many great web applications and software emerged in 2009, so the staff at Techerator put together a list of their favorite or most used applications of 2009.  Let us know about your favorite software of 2009 in the comments at the bottom! Evan Wondrasek Gmail – I’ve been using Gmail for a few years, but […]