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  • PS4 vs. Xbox One: The console wars take a new turn

    Depending on how you look at it, the game console wars just took another turn with the launch of the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One consoles.  What is even more amazing is the close and fierce competition between these two consoles in price, design, specs, and game varieties. How do these two consoles stack […]

  • Sony patent signposts the end of previously-owned video games

    Sony patent signposts the end of previously-owned video games

    It’s no great secret that developers and publishers in the video game industry would like to see an end to the used games market. The reasons for this are obvious: while everybody gets paid when a game is bought brand new, no one involved in the process of actually making the games get paid when […]

  • Giveaway: Win 1 free month of PlayStation Plus

    After I was banned from the PlayStation Network and forced to create a new account, Sony made it clear that they still appreciate me as a customer. What does that mean for you? It means I have two one-month trials of PlayStation Plus to give away. I’ve covered PlayStation Plus before, and while I’m not […]

  • How to get banned from the PlayStation Network in 30 days or less

    A loyal customer for 16 years who has spent an unfathomable amount of money since the original PlayStation was released in 1995; a loyal customer that sold his XBOX 360 to buy a PS3 the week it came out. This is how I described myself, before yesterday. Yesterday was the day my PlayStation account was banned forever.

  • ‘Til the Blinking Red Light of Death Do Us Part

    I can still remember the launch of the Sony PlayStation 3. While the supply shortage was nowhere near that of the launch of the Wii or Xbox 360, it was still quite difficult to get your hands on one. All I knew is that I wanted a PS3. I wanted one badly enough to pay $600 […]