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  • Launchy: Never Use Your Start Menu Again

    As your computer becomes loaded with software, your desktop may become cluttered with shortcuts and also difficult to navigate through the Start Menu.  Here is an example of what an out-of-control Start Menu may look like: Launchy is an open source keystroke launcher for Windows and Linux that allows you to open documents, folders, bookmarks, […]

  • How To: Create A New Folder With A Keyboard Shortcut in Windows 7

    One of the features I have always wanted in Windows is the ability to create a new folder with a keyboard shortcut.  This simple feature was available in my first operating system, Mac OS 7, and I’ve habitually tried it with every version of Windows I’ve used since.  Finally, Windows 7 contains this fantastic shortcut. […]

  • Windows Tip: How To Create a System Standby Shortcut

    This guide will show you how to create a System Standby shortcut for your Windows computer, which will allow you to manually activate Standby mode by simply double-clicking an icon. What is standby mode, you say? “Your machine recovers quickly as your data is stored in RAM. The slower part is waking up the peripherals. […]