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  • Sputnik, a state-controlled search engine to compete against Yandex and Google

    The Sputnik search engine, which is expected to launch anytime in 2014, will be the latest entrant into the search engines list. According to Mashable, Sputnik will be a state-controlled search engine under the Rostelecom telecom service and will be competing directly with the local search giant, Yandex, and Google. Despite the late entry into […]

  • 5 Reasons Pinterest is a Better Search Engine than Google

    Despite its premise, platform, and overall demographic (crafty women), Pinterest comes out as one of the world’s most accurate search engines. Even better than actual search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Sure, it was made as a social media website, and for leisure or entertainment time, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less accurate […]

  • Google Search: More advertising leaves less room for organic results

    Google’s corporate motto is “don’t be evil.” When this was unveiled in 1999 / 2000 (attribution claims vary), it was seen as something of a dig at various large companies and the way they operate. Zooming forward to the present day, I find myself wondering if Google are beginning to lose sight of this ethos […]

  • “Focus on the User” inserts competing social network links into Google search results

    “Focus on the User” inserts competing social network links into Google search results

    When Google launched “Search Plus Your World”  (SPYW) it took a big step toward becoming the company that everyone loves to hate. By integrating search results from the Google+ network into your regular search, plenty of people cried foul. And not just the ones working for Twitter and Facebook. By excluding results from other social […]

  • Make your apartment search easier with Padmapper

    Finding an apartment on the internet is equivalent to hopping into a tractor tire and being rolled down a hill. You start at the top with high hopes: using the power of the internet for finding desirable rental properties and listings. From there, though, the process spirals downward. Apartment searching sites are hard to navigate, […]

  • Make Your Searches More Social With Wajam

    Make Your Searches More Social With Wajam

    How do you find out about things? I’m talking about things like interesting places to visit while on vacation, a good place to eat, whether or not a particular bicycle seat is worth buying. Well, that and more. Chances are you take one of two routes. One, you turn to your favorite search engine. Or […]

  • Greplin: Your Personal Search Engine

    Greplin: Your Personal Search Engine

    If you use more than a couple of web applications, you know how difficult it can be to find things in those applications. Sure, services like Google Docs and Gmail have great built-in search, but services like Dropbox and Twitter … well, not so much. With Greplin, you can search a number of popular web […]

  • Ask Techerator: How can I search by only File Name in Windows 7?

    Techerator team: I’ve just switched from Windows XP/Office 2003 to Windows 7/Office 2010.  Before, I could easily find files in Word & Excel by simply typing a word that I knew was in the filename…. Now with Windows7/Office 2010, by searching in the upper right corner search box, the directory instead lists all the files […]

  • Google Adds Instant Previews to Your Search Results

    Hey Googlers, if Instant Search wasn’t enough for you, Google has been rolling out a new feature called Instant Previews.  Instant Previews show you a visual preview of your search results, and let you quickly locate the information you wanted. Instant Previews isn’t turned on by default yet, but you can try it for yourself […]

  • Two Great Alternatives to GOOG-411

    Did you know that Paranormal Activity 2 is Playing at AMC Kent Station in Kent, WA at 10:00pm and 12:15am tonight; it is currently clear and 46 degrees in Cando, ND; regular gasoline is $2.51 at the Sinclair station at 800 W Hampden Ave in Sheridan, CO; and today is a 9 out of 10 […]