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  • Taking Screen Captures on the Linux Desktop with Shutter

    Taking Screen Captures on the Linux Desktop with Shutter

    Once upon a time, just about the only people who took screen captures were technical communicators and technology writers. Nowadays, it seems that everyone needs to grab a window or screen on their desktop. Which is why, I guess, the number of screen capture tools available for various operating systems has blossomed over the years. […]

  • How To Take Screenshots On An iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad

    Writing guides like we do here at Techerator often involves screenshots of software, settings, or anything else pertinent to the article at hand.  We’ve previously covered taking screenshots of your Android device, but what about your iOS device?  Fear not, for that’s what I’m about to show you. Taking a screenshot of your iOS device […]

  • Improve Windows Print Screen With Gadwin PrintScreen

    Windows includes only the most basic screen capture capabilities by default, but free software like Gadwin PrintScreen offers a solution that will add much more functionality to your computer. Using Gadwin PrintScreen Once you have downloaded and installed Gadwin PrintScreen, right click the newly created icon in your system tray and select Properties… from the […]

  • How to Take Screenshots of an Android-based Phone

    Since I’ll be writing about the Motorola Droid (which uses Google’s Android mobile operating system) in the upcoming weeks, I wanted to be able to perform screen captures directly from the device instead of taking photographs of the entire thing.  This guide will walk you through the simple process of taking screenshots of an Android-based […]