Author: Sophronis Mantoles

  • How to setup corporate email on Android using MailDroid

    If your employer uses web-based email and you have an Android device, then no doubt are you wanting to access your work email on your Android smartphone or tablet. MailDroid is a great app that will allow you do so, and I’m going to show you how to set it up. Be aware that there is a Pro version of […]

  • Read up on warnings and risks before updating your Android OS

    With Android devices, it is very easy to fall two or three releases behind if you depend on your carrier to release new software. For me personally, I decided to update to the Honeycomb release on my Samsung Galaxy tablet in order to get the front-facing camera to work with Skype. It turned out to be […]

  • How to Test Your Internet Connection Speed

    How to Test Your Internet Connection Speed

    Do you ever  wonder if you are getting the upload and download speeds promised by your provider? DSL users especially may find themselves scratching their heads wondering why their Internet connection is so slow. Many providers have their own testing tools.  But again what if their testing tools are lying to us? Here’s an easy way […]

  • Getting Started with Android: Memos and Streaming Radio Stations

    There’s a good chance that (like most people) when you wonder “Hey, I wonder if there’s an app for that on my phone…”, you immediately go to the app market and search for it. Now if you are like me, instead of searching for an app, you will ask one of your friends who knows […]