Author: Chitraparna Sinha

  • 8 Best Mobile Android Apps for Bloggers

    If you are a blogger and cannot be bothered being tied to only laptops and desktops to do your writing, consider these eight, highly useful Android apps to get work done while really on the go. WordPress The WordPress Android app works a lot better on tablets than smartphones because of the larger display, but […]

  • iPhone Mobile Payment Processing is Safe and Reliable

    iPhone credit card terminal services like Square have taken e-commerce business transactions to an entirely new platform. It is a technological advancement that makes receiving payment simple anywhere and anytime, no matter what the point of sale is. With new Apple iPhone or the iTouch application, you can turn the iPhone into a credit card […]

  • What Twitter’s Acquisition of Posterous means for Bloggers

    The internet industry is abuzz with Twitter’s latest acquisition and hiring of Posterous and its employees. The details of the deal are shrouded in mystery; neither Twitter nor the Posterous team is willing to share how things will move on from this point onward. As a professional blogger, it is good to know that the […]

  • QR Codes for Smartphone Users: An Introductory Lesson

    Over the last 3 years, Quick Response (QR) codes have gained popularity. These two-dimensional horizontal and vertical data storage codes have begun to attract use by web developers, marketers, and major corporations to boost their business. The QR coding system has opened a new smartphone market for content creators who can use them to interact […]