Verizon’s “Share Everything” data plans actually aren’t that bad

Verizon recently announced their Share Everything mobile plans and are set to put them into action on June 28. The company says that it’s a great way to easily share a bucket-full of minutes, text messages, and data amongst a family, but some users are skeptical.

If you’ve read the internet lately, many people have been giving Verizon a lot of grief about these new plans. But after looking everything over myself, Share Everything data plans are actually not a bad way to go. Let’s break it down and compare some things.

First though, let’s look at the details of these new plans:

Okay, let’s begin comparing Verizon’s current FamilyShare plans with their upcoming Share Everything plans. First, we’ll see what the monthly cost is of a FamilyShare plan with two people with smartphones:

  • 700 Anytime Minutes – $70
  • Unlimited shared messaging – $30
  • Two 2GB data plans – $60
  • Additional line for 2nd person – $10

Total cost per month: $170

If these same two people wanted to go with the Share Everything plan, this is how it would look:

  • Line access for two smartphones – $80
  • 4GB data plan (w/ unltd. min. and msg.) – $70

Total cost per month: $150

The Share Everything plan is $20 cheaper and includes unlimited minutes instead of just a limited 700. Seems like a better deal to me. Now let’s bump it up to a family of four where all of them have smartphones. Here’s what a normal FamilyShare plan would look like:

  • 700 Anytime Minutes – $70
  • Unlimited shared messaging – $30
  • Four 2GB data plans – $120
  • Additional lines for 3 people – $30

Total cost per month: $250

This is what the monthly charges would be if that same family went with a Shared Everything data plan:

  • Line access for four smartphones – $160
  • 8GB data plan (w/ unltd. min. and msg.) – $90

Total cost per month: $250

It’s the same cost! But yet again, you get unlimited minutes with the newer shared plan and you have a whopping 8GB of data that you can share amongst the entire family. So if mom hardly uses any data, then all the better for the rest of the family.

However, Verizon’s Share Everything plans still don’t solve the one problem that most carriers are guilty of with contractual plans: There’s no middle ground. Carriers only offer their customers either too little or too much with their plans, intentionally not including any kind of middle ground. Why? Because the middle ground is the sweet spot that’s of greatest value to the customer. And when the customer gets the greatest value, the wireless carrier loses in a way.

And Verizon really isn’t doing anything revolutionary with these new shared plans. Sure, depending on how big of a family you have and how much data you use, the Share Everything plans could save you a few dollars and simplify things a bit, but it’s all simply just a reworked way to divvy out minutes, messages and data.

In the end, just by looking at the charts above I can see how users would scoff at Verizon — $40/month just to add a smartphone line to a plan? That fact alone seems like highway robbery, but you have to look at the whole picture and do the math. Verizon’s Share Everything plans certainly aren’t any worse than what they’re offering now, and in some cases, it could be a better way to go.



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5 responses to “Verizon’s “Share Everything” data plans actually aren’t that bad”

  1.  Avatar

    I feel like for a few people (or families) it might end up being cheaper, but for anyone on a plan by themselves it would be a significant downgrade. Right now I’m paying $90 for 450 minutes (which are all but useless, I use maybe 30 minutes a month), unlimited messaging, and unlimited data. Paying the exact same for a downgrade to 1GB of data would be painful. Even without doing something crazy like constantly streaming Pandora or Netflix it isn’t too difficult to break the 1GB barrier.

    1. Nick Post Avatar

      I agree. I’m on wifi when at home and at work. I still use 1.5 gb a month somehow and I’m only on a 3g. If I had 4G, and may soon it will be even worse.

  2. TribalStyleMarketing Avatar

    Yeah for a few people it makes sense, but for me solo, no way!

  3. Robert Dillon Avatar
    Robert Dillon

    For those of you grandfathered into Unlimited plans I agree these new plans stink. Sorry but the industry is going away from unlimited data for the sake of profits and there nothing we can do about it. For those of us that don’t currently have unlimited data plans, even non-family accounts, these plans make sense. Under the Shared Everything plan a single phone plan with 4GB of data costs $110 a month. The old style plan with similar data costs a buddy of mine a little more than that. Now the upswing to this is the ability for these individuals to add additional devices such as a tablet. So for another $10 a month you share the data with it. It’s just you so if your using your tablet for data chances are your not using your cell phone at the moment so you should not see to much of an increase in data usage. I am sure many solo account holders also have tablets for which they are paying $30 or so plus taxes just to have Data. So if you look at the big picture and figure that in the future we will have more and more connected devices than these plans will save everyone money. For me I am int he 4 phone category and while not saving any money two of my use well under 1GB of the two 2GB I pay for on their phones. So in the end I am getting more for my money since the other two phones can now use some of that 2GB plus that was previously going unused. I would love to exchange my wife’s WiFi only iPad for one with a Broadband radio but until now it was not affordable.

  4. joe Avatar

    The data plan here is wrong. Its only one plan of 2gbs for four phones. Not four plans. The rest is right just not the data usage.

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