A Guide to Office Pranking: Round Two

Another year has passed, and once again it is time to use that one special day of the year to wreak havoc upon those co-workers you like, dislike, or may not even know.  Last year, some interesting April Fools pranks were presented here at Techerator, but like the ever-expanding Wikipedia that list was far from complete.  So without further ado, here are four more harmless office pranks in the ever-so-popular sequential comic form that can be dispensed this time around.

Author’s Note: To see pranks 1-5, see Office Pranking: A Photo Essay by the illustrious (and self-proclaimed) author Kevin Ivanca.  This author is not responsible for any liability or damages caused by any of these pranks, so use these guides at your own discretion.  Results my vary.

The (Additional) Pranks

The Wireless Mouse Flicks Prank

The Taped Phone Receiver

The Task Scheduler Pop-Up Prank

Note: To delete the task, re-open the Task Scheduler and click the “Task Scheduler Library” on the left, select the task in the middle section, and on the right side click “Delete” under the Selected Item section.

And Last but Not Least…

Remember: half of the battle is planning and executing the pranks…and the other half is staying vigilant for people trying to prank you.  So be cautious and don’t get caught!

Many thanks to my (unpaid) actor Brian Lemke and my (unpaid) cameraman Kevin Kurtzman for working overtime with me on this.






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