Tiered Data Plans Coming To Verizon July 7

Thanks to an official training document that has been leaked, the rumored tiered data plans for Verizon customers are definitely coming. Android Central ended up with the leak, which contains a slew of details about the new data plans that will most likely answer some of your hankering questions.

The most important aspect of the change are obviously the different data/price options. Plans will start at $30 a month for 2GB, with $50 a month for 5GB being the next cheapest plan. If you happen to be a data hog (and wealthy), they will have a $80-a-month plan that will get you 10GB. If you go over your allotted data, it’s $10 per gigabyte. As for the mobile hotspot, it will cost $20 a month for 2GB.

Here comes the good news for current Verizon customers who have an unlimited plan (like myself). So far, you’ll be able to keep your unlimited plan even when you upgrade your new phone and renew your contract in the future (This could possibly change sometime, though.) If you add a new line to your account, you won’t be able to get the unlimited data plan for that line. This means that if you’re even slightly considering adding a line or upgrading to a smartphone, now would be the time to do it, since you’ll be able to snag the unlimited data plan until July 7.






6 responses to “Tiered Data Plans Coming To Verizon July 7”

  1. Nick Post Avatar

    Boooo. To Verizon. I fear the day my home internet is treated like a utility. 

    1. Craig Lloyd Avatar

      No kidding. Luckily, Verizon’s internet doesn’t have a cap yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

  2. Tom Gilligan Avatar

    I’m glad I switched to Sprint which had unlimited data for much less than Verizon, I just hope they don’t get bought up like T-mobile or are forced to adopt a Tiered Data Plan. I had a mobile hotspot for a few months and the overage charges were ridiculous, I believe it was $0.25 /MB. Most consumers don’t have a good idea of how much Data they use monthly, which will work well in Verizon’s Favor.

    1. Evan Wondrasek Avatar

      Great point. And here’s my constant thought: sure, even 2GB of mobile data seems like a lot right now. I’d like to consider myself a “power user” and I don’t usually his 2 GB in a month.

      However, as time increases, we’re almost guaranteed to increase our data consumption. With phones becoming more sophisticated, more rich-media streaming, and people moving from texting and phone calls to email and video calls, this is a great way for them to capitalize on us years from now. And in 5 years, caps like this will be brutal unless changes are made.

  3. Eric_putkonen Avatar

    I heard tiered plans would be coming in the summer, so I got in last month with an unlimited plan.  My contract with my old carrier was not up yet, but my wife and I were going to iphones and I knew we would be on the net quite a bit.  It is amazing how much I am online on my phone.

  4. Dustin Patterson Avatar

    I’m sorry, but I fail to understand Verizon’s (or AT&T’s) logic in this manner (except to make more money of course).  They’ve gone from a limited number of minutes to unlimited minutes, limited number of TXTs to unlimited TXTs, but now they’re going from unlimited data to tiered plans?

    I was working towards getting a phone before these plans started but couldn’t gather the funds.  After talking with other “power users” I understand that 2 GB is more than enough (for now) but as Evan mentioned, data consumption can only increase.

    I’m concerned that all of this is stemming from a decrease in wireless competition.  With the AT&T / T-Mobile merger and Alltel out of the picture, We’ll soon be down to just a couple of wireless providers with the majority of the user base.

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