Get A Visual On Your Hard Drive with Disk Space Fan

As your computer gets older, chances are that your hard drive will be filled with many unused and unnecessary files.  If you’re starting to run out of space on your hard drive, it can often times be the result of old “junk” files piling up.  A great way to get your computer back into shape is to delete some of those files (especially the large ones).

Disk Space Fan is a free program available for Windows that scans your storage devices and shows a visual representation of your files.

When you first open Disk Space Fan, you are asked to select the storage device you want Disk Space Fan to analyze.

Disk Space Fan scans your drive and will generate a graphic to represent file and folder sizes, as shown below.

Not only can Disk Space Fan scan and analyze a complete drive, but you can set it to only scan a specific folder and display the corresponding graphic.

You can right-click on a section of the fan visual to display an options menu.

Disk Space Fan is available as a free download.



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