Google or Bing? Combines Both in a Single Search Engine

One question I frequently hear is, “Which is better: Google or Bing?”.  I wrote an article awhile back about using blind search tests to compare results from Google and Bing, but most of the time I find that both sets of results are pretty useful.  If both search engines get you the information you were looking for, why stick to one exclusively? is a new search engine from Minnesota-based startup Striquent that combines both Google and Bing (and optionally, but that’s not as exciting).  When you visit the site, you’ll see a design very similar to the minimalist look of Google.

Performing a search is quick and didn’t appear to take any longer than an individual search on either Google or Bing.  If you look at the bottom of a search listing you’ll see which search engine it was pulled from, and clicking the name takes you straight to the original search.  Clicking Peek will bring up the link in an overlay which is great for quickly verifying a result.

Clicking More on a search result brings up a great menu with tools like sharing/saving on social networks, verifying the link, URL shorteners, and translators.

Google and Bing results are enabled by default, and if you want to enable results just click the corresponding box in the top right.

If you’re concerned about duplicate entries stemming from the use of multiple search engines, seems to have it covered.  My search for “LOST season 6” yielded 75,000,000 results on Google, 35,200,000 results on Bing, and 40,360,000 results on – which is a good indicator that the service is intelligently combining the results.

All of the usual search perks seem to be present in such as “weather”, “define:”, and “movies”. also features combined image search and includes the great Peek feature which lets you quickly view the full-sized version of an image.

If you’re looking to take advantage on two of the most advanced search engines on the planet, is definitely a search engine you should be using.  It might not support all of the features from both individual search engines, but it’s great for what you’re doing 90% of the time – searching for answers.

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