Thunderbird Fix: All Emails Show Attachment Icon (even if they don’t have attachments)

thunderbirdSoftware Involved: Mozilla Thunderbird, AVG Anti-Virus 8.0/ 8.5

Problem/Symptoms: All incoming emails in Mozilla’s Thunderbird appear as if they have attachments, regardless if they have attachments or not.  The attachment icon disappears immediately after opening the email (as long as the email did not legitimately have an attachment).

Solution: AVG automatically attaches an email certification message to all incoming emails stating, “No virus found in this incoming message.” which Thunderbird interprets as an attachment.  This problem has a very simple fix:

  1. Open the AVG Anti-Virus User Interface. This can be done by right clicking the tray icon.
  2. In the menu bar, click Tools –> Advanced Settings.
  3. Select the E-Mail Scanner tab, check the box next to With attachments only under “Certify email”. (See image below)

This will only add the “No virus found…” message to only emails with attachments, solving the false attachment problem.







2 responses to “Thunderbird Fix: All Emails Show Attachment Icon (even if they don’t have attachments)”

  1. Labor Avatar

    This didn’t solve anything as I see this attachment icon in my hotmail inbox, AVG doesn’t scan my hotmail and it still shows like it has an attachment, all I have is a html signature file, even when I manually put text in the signature, it does the same thing when I have attached NOTHING AT ALL! I think I’m gonna go back to my Windows Live Mail, this sucks.

  2. Labor Avatar

    Update, if AVG puts this attachment to a thunderbird e-mail, I have checked in my advanced AVG settings but it doesn’t even show this option like in the pic you’re showing…it only says ”Check incoming mail” or ”Check outgoing mail”…wow..

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