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  • How to Back Up Your Google Tasks

    How to Back Up Your Google Tasks

    One of the the main concerns people have about trusting their data to a cloud service is whether or not they can get their information out of a ┬áparticular service. Some services do a good job. Others … well, not so much. Google is trying to make backing up your data easier, with both Google […]

  • Take Your To Do List to the Command Line

    If you’re serious about your to do list and want to be sure that you can use it in the future, then you should think about embracing your inner geek by 1) going text only, and 2) doing everything at the command line. The best way to do that is with Todo.txt. Hold On … […]

  • Let Your iPhone Organize Your Life with NoteTask and SimpleNote

    Staying organized can be tough. Between paper notes, calendars, and technology, it can get pretty complicated to keep daily tasks in the forefront of one’s priorities. Heck, sometimes a person even needs to organize their organization methods just to keep their wits in place. Now how can Techerator aid you in this prioritizing predicament? First […]