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  • Spice Up Your Twitter Profile with Themeleon

    Spice Up Your Twitter Profile with Themeleon

    You no doubt have come across Twitter pages that capture your attention immediately you see them. Users, businesses and organizations can customize the feel and look of this important social network to not only reflect the company or business brand, but use it as a vital marketing tool. So, how do you turn your Twitter […]

  • Google Releases New Themes for Gmail and Google Calendar

    Dear people living under rocks this past week: If you haven’t noticed, Google has decided to tackle bold new things recently, with widespread success. First, they came out with Google+, a type of digital, communal gathering site that allows one to keep up with friends and collaborate with them (Which I am sure that Techerator […]

  • Google Chrome Beta Adds Themes

    Do you use Google Chrome?  Do you like themes?  If so, I’ve got great news for you – you can now have both!  The new beta version of Chrome adds theme support and a gallery of nearly 30 themes designed by Google. Here’s how to add themes to Chrome: Download and install Chrome Beta (this is different […]