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  • How to Test Your Internet Connection Speed

    How to Test Your Internet Connection Speed

    Do you ever  wonder if you are getting the upload and download speeds promised by your provider? DSL users especially may find themselves scratching their heads wondering why their Internet connection is so slow. Many providers have their own testing tools.  But again what if their testing tools are lying to us? Here’s an easy way […]

  • How To: Analyze and Improve Your Website’s Performance with YSlow

    Firefox only:  When creating a website, it’s a good idea to be aware of the site’s performance and to find ways to improve load times.  YSlow is an add-on for Firefox that can thoroughly analyze any website’s performance and can even provide suggestions on how to improve the site’s speed. Getting Started To get started, […]

  • How To: Find Out if Your PC is Windows 7 Ready

    With the final release of Windows 7 approaching, many people are wondering if their current PC will be able to run the new operating system.  As we mentioned in our previous coverage of the Windows 7 RC release, the system requirements for Microsoft’s forthcoming operating system are surprisingly light: 1GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or […]