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  • 5 ways to fight spam in your iCloud email account

    I have been an iCloud email user for a while, even before “iCloud” existed (iCloud is Apple’s online email service and other online tools). I was originally a MobileMe and .mac user. Until recently, my iCloud email addresses were relatively free from spam. However, for the past few weeks I have been getting five to […]

  • Why You Shouldn’t Talk to Strangers on Facebook

    Facebook, for the most part, is a safe place to meet friends and talk to people. However, it’s good practice (and simply common sense) to stick to conversations with people you actually know. Recently, I’ve been receiving messages from complete strangers asking seemingly-legitimate questions about my livelihood, such as programming or brewing, since both are […]

  • Is TwitPic Becoming Twitter’s Newest Spam Source?

    TwitPic is one of the most popular ways to share photos on Twitter, but is it giving spammers an easy way to send you unwanted messages? Spam in Twitter is simpler (but arguably more sophisticated) than good-ol’ email spam; instead of getting an unsolicited email full of FREE V1AGRA links, you’ll instead get a short, tantalizing message […]

  • Psych Out the Email Spammers By Using 10 Minute Mail

    If you are like me, you have a few email accounts doing very specific things.  One account is most likely for work, another for personal, and then there is the illustrious spam account. This account is like a neglected shelf in the refrigerator.  Stuff comes in, sits a while, piles up, and before you know […]

  • Significantly Reduce Website Spam with the ‘Bad Behavior’ Plugin

    Spam is everywhere and can easily overrun a website.  If not controlled, it is possible for spam comments to infiltrate your WordPress blog, forum, guestbook or other content-management system, redirecting your readers to malicious websites. The graph below shows the distribution of comments on a site.  As you can see, spam comments make up the […]

  • Keep Your Inbox Spam-Free with TrashMail

    I’m not comfortable giving out my email address freely on the internet, but many websites require a valid email address when registering.  While this is typically harmless, it does open you up to the potential for spam – and who wants that? TrashMail lets you sneak past compulsory email registration by generating a disposable email […]