• The Best Sense ROMs For Your HTC Android Smartphone

    If you have an HTC smartphone and are anything like me, you just can’t seem to get away from HTC’s Sense user interface. It’s sleek, intuitive, and has way more features than what the stock Android UI offers. While some custom ROMs like CyanogenMod are quite popular, I could never quite stick with them because […]

  • Emulators on Android: The Future of Past Gaming

    If you were born anytime after 1975, then you probably are familiar with console gaming.  And as a kid growing up in the decades following, it seemed that each new year gave us bigger and better gaming options:  NES became SNES, GameBoy turned into GameBoy Color and then GameBoy Advance, cartridges flattened into CDs, and Sega… well, […]

  • A Return to Old-School Gaming: Emulators and Retro Games

    A Return to Old-School Gaming: Emulators and Retro Games

    Back in the early ’90s things were different and, in some ways, better. MC Hammer was lighting up MTV with inflatable pants, Compuserve 3.25″ diskettes were confusing households across the US, and my family’s 66 MHz Pentium PC was a $3500 fiery hellbeast that made the Pentagon as nervous as current-day Wikileaks. And the video […]