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  • Skyrim on PS3: Took an arrow to the knee

    Skyrim on PS3: Took an arrow to the knee

    For the past few of months, there have been widespread reports of horrendous lag and framerate drops with the PS3 version of Skyrim. After about 60 hours and a save file over 6 megabytes in size, the game degenerates into an almost unplayable state. The game runs infinitely better on PC and Xbox 360. Or so the story goes…

  • How to get banned from the PlayStation Network in 30 days or less

    A loyal customer for 16 years who has spent an unfathomable amount of money since the original PlayStation was released in 1995; a loyal customer that sold his XBOX 360 to buy a PS3 the week it came out. This is how I described myself, before yesterday. Yesterday was the day my PlayStation account was banned forever.

  • MLB.TV: It’s That Time of Year Again

    MLB.TV allows sports fans to stream any out-of-market game during the regular season over the internet. For an arguably reasonable price of $120, fans of America’s Pastime have the entire league at their fingertips, in their living rooms, at the airport, at work, or anywhere else you can imagine.

  • ‘Til the Blinking Red Light of Death Do Us Part

    I can still remember the launch of the Sony PlayStation 3. While the supply shortage was nowhere near that of the launch of the Wii or Xbox 360, it was still quite difficult to get your hands on one. All I knew is that I wanted a PS3. I wanted one badly enough to pay $600 […]

  • How To: Stream Media From Your PC to Your PS3

    While Sony’s Playstation 3 is viewed mainly as a video game console, it can also serve as a great streaming media center with a little extra software. Using the aptly named PS3 Media Server, it’s incredibly easy to serve up music and video straight to your PS3 from your computer. The first step in getting […]

  • Review: Fat Princess

    Have your cake and eat it too. Developer: Titan Studios Genre: Action Release Date: July 30th, 2009 Number of Players: 1-32 ESRB Rating: T Platform: PS3 Author’s Note: This review was written after the release of the first patch, using version 1.02 of the game. Since the connection issues from the original release have been […]