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  • New Gmail Labs Feature Hides Labels, Shows Subjects Better

    I like using labels in Gmail, but they take up a ridiculous amount of real estate in your subject line (especially if you’re using labels as folders).  On a small screen like a netbook’s, labels can completely overshadow the subject line of your emails. Gmail Labs comes to the rescue with the new Remove Labels […]

  • How To: Get Organized with Multiple Inboxes in Gmail

    If you want to get a better grip on your Gmail inbox (whether it be to handle multiple email accounts or simply to organize messages better), you may find Gmail Labs’ Multiple Inboxes feature useful.  Multiple Inboxes splits your Gmail window into separate inboxes, allowing you to apply unique filters to each one. Multiple Inboxes […]

  • Keep Your Desktop Organized with Fences

    How many times have you had projects, temporary Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, or other “junk-yet-necessary” items on your computer’s desktop combined with shortcuts for Firefox, Messenger, Windows Media, or iTunes?  Why is it so hard to keep organized each one of these items? Many people search through their desktops covered with this smorgasbord of different […]