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  • Latest LauncherPro Update Adds Sweet New Transitions

    It’s been over a month since we last heard from Federico Carnales, developer of the awesome Android homescreen replacement application LauncherPro. He’s been busy completely rewriting LauncherPro from scratch, but recently found time to push out an update to the current version that adds some very cool screen transitions. For the uninitiated, LauncherPro is one […]

  • What To Do If Your Android Home Screen Replacement Lags

    Home screen replacement apps are one of the many benefits of the open nature of Android. They provide speed and functionality above and beyond what the default home screen can offer. Unfortunately, due to the nature of how home screen replacements work, some issues can arise. One persistently annoying issue surfaces when the entire home […]

  • LauncherPro: A New Contender In Android Home Screen Replacements

    For many people, the default Android home screen is good enough.  Those who crave more features, though, inevitably install a home screen replacement. I’ve been using one called LauncherPro for the past couple of weeks, and I can’t see myself switching to anything else any time soon. LauncherPro doesn’t offer the feature set of a […]