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  • What happened, Hulu?

    After years of watching illegally obtained TV shows, I still remember the excitement I felt after the announcement of Hulu – a website to stream current TV seasons for free. No more downloading shows (along with viruses), no more recording shows on VHS tapes, and no more wishing that TiVo existed in the Midwest. It […]

  • Why My Mom Will Never Drop Cable for Netflix and Hulu

    Why My Mom Will Never Drop Cable for Netflix and Hulu

    I’ve always done my best to keep my mom savvy with the times. I’ve tried to introduce her to Facebook, YouTube, the advantages of FarmVille over solitaire — you know, modern stuff. But the only time I’ve managed to captivate her interest is when I showed her the insane selection of movies and TV shows […]

  • Hulu Desktop Lets You Watch TV Online Without The Browser

    Hulu – the mega-popular TV and movie streaming site backed by NBC, Fox, and others – has just launched a desktop application for both Windows and Mac that allows you to stream all Hulu content on your PC. Hulu Desktop adds support for Windows Media Center and Apple remotes, which will allow you to treat […]