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  • How to make a DIY smartphone stand for under $1

    Smartphone stands are a great way to watch content on your phone without having to hold the phone upright, and there are a ton of different DIY methods for making them. A lot of them are made so that they’ll hold your phone horizontally, but some users want stands that prop up their phones vertically, […]

  • How to build a custom computer, Part 1: Getting Started

    Today we look at big and bulky desktop PCs like they are a thing of the past. Our mobile devices pack huge amounts of processing power and they manage to squeeze that into very small formats. Consoles are taking over gaming, but a good desktop PC can still turn heads. There are many companies that […]

  • How to install a SSD in a MacBook Pro

    Upgrading your computer with a solid-state hard drive is probably one of the most beneficial upgrades you could make. Boot-up times decrease tremendously and programs launch almost instantly. I finally made the plunge to an SSD recently and haven’t looked back. However, many of the how-to guides that I needed in order to properly install […]

  • How to make a DIY laptop stand for $8

    A laptop stand is a great thing to have if you’re working at a desk. It not only allows your laptop to breath more easily and run cooler (since it’s propped up), but it also makes your setup more ergonomic by having your laptop’s display at eye level. You can buy laptop stands pretty much […]

  • Words with Friends is Mobile Gaming Perfection

    Saturday night. Relaxing at a friend’s house. Dinner is over, and we are all sitting around the dining table. The room is strangely quiet. Everyone at the table has a look of intense concentration, and the only sounds are the occasional shrills and pings produced by our various laptops and smartphones. No, this isn’t a […]

  • How to Remove Noise from Your Podcasts with Audacity

    How to Remove Noise from Your Podcasts with Audacity

    Easily the most important aspect of your podcast, aside from its content, is audio quality. Poorly recorded or edited podcasts are impossible to listen to for any length of time, and bad sound quality will drive away your listeners no matter the value of the content you’re delivering. One of the most common problems for podcasters […]

  • How to Play Ogg Vorbis Files from the Linux Command Line

    If you’re a dedicated user of free and open source software, chances are your dedication goes beyond just software. You probably try to use as many open file formats as you can. Document formats, video formats, and audio formats. Especially audio formats. In the world of free and open source software, a popular format is […]

  • How to Create Your Own Custom Short URL with bitly

    If you use Twitter, then you’ve probably learned how indispensable a URL shortener is. You’ve only got 140 characters in which to make your point, and if you include a URL then you can easily go over that limit. Shortened URLs aren’t very sexy. They’re bland. If you shorten a lot of URLs, then why […]

  • How to not suck at Facebook Questions

    You probably noticed Questions popping up on your Facebook News Feed, which quickly turned into “Which Backstreet Boy is the hottest?”, “What state is the best?”, and “Which Arena Football team east of the Mississippi, but South of the Mason Dixon Line has the best cheerleaders?”.

  • April Fool’s Day: A Beginner’s Guide

    As you very well know by now, either being the victim or the culprit, April Fool’s Day is today. Now, typically I would go on a rant as to why this is not a national holiday with mandatory paid time off, but not today. Why? Because what would April Fool’s Day be without an office […]