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  • The Current State of Platform, Software and Device Security

    The year 2012 and the better part of 2013 have witnessed the birth of new computing platforms, social network platforms and general computing trends that not only make the gadget and internet a better place, but also a more dangerous one. These innovations and developed habits expose us to a variety of threats that we […]

  • Simple Droid X Hack Can Greatly Improve Call Quality

    There are many reasons why the audio quality of mobile phones isn’t great. One simple, but fixable reason is that the phone is most likely configured to use an outdated voice encoder algorithm by default. Luckily for us, Motorola includes hidden programming menus in most of its phones where we can adjust advanced settings like voice […]

  • Ask Techerator: I Think I’m Being Spied on with Dynamic DNS, What Should I Do?

    Techerator team: My (techie) husband mentioned that he can track the location of our laptop with a “dynamic DNS”.  He also said something about being able to remotely connect to it with this tool.  Should I be worried? Is this spyware? The service he is referring to is indeed called dynamic DNS.  This service can […]