Tag: Graphics

  • Converting Graphics on the Linux Desktop with Converseen

    If you’re a Linux user, then you probably know how spoiled you are when it comes to applications for working with graphics. Whatever you need to do — editing, resizing, viewing, converting — there’s an application for that. One of the most powerful Linux tools for manipulating graphics is ImageMagick. As powerful as it is, […]

  • Add Amazing Visual Effects to Ubuntu with Compiz

    Compiz is a compositing window manager, a program that beautifies the desktop with unique animations and special effects. It can make windows wobble when they are moved, and either explode into pieces or burst into flame and disappear when they are closed. Compiz uses your computer’s video card to manage the behavior of windows and other desktop elements.

  • View Detailed Graphic Card Information With GPU-Z

    One of the most important parts of your PC is its graphics card.  You may need to eventually update your graphics card to run new software or play the newest game. GPU-Z is a free utility similar to the previously mentioned CPU-Z that provides you with all information available regarding your graphics card and GPU.  […]