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  • Forget the $41 million, could Color fail simply because of GPS limitations?

    There has been an incredible amount of discussion about Color, a new – let me try to describe this – mobile-social-location-aware-photo-sharing app that recently brought in an eyebrow-raising $41 million of capital. Even venture capital group Sequoia Capital was surprised, saying: “Not since Google have we seen this.” That statement definitely caught people’s attention. Sequoia […]

  • How to NOT Suck at Foursquare (and other location-based social networks)

    If you’re just joining the rest of us on the internet, there’s something you should know.  There are several websites that allow you to use your physical location in the world (typically via the GPS in your mobile phone) to virtually “check in” to venues like restaurants, sporting events, and movie theaters. Checking your location […]