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  • How to Install Linux from a USB Flash Drive

    Since many ultra-portable laptops (commonly known as netbooks) do not come equipped with optical drives, users are typically forced to purchase an external optical drive to install an operating system such as Linux.  In this guide, I’ll show you how to easily install a Linux operating system with a USB flash drive and a piece […]

  • How to Install Windows from a USB Flash Drive

    Netbooks, which are ultra-portable laptops, have exploded in popularity due to their small size and ease of use.  Unfortunately, that tiny form factor comes with some drawbacks – most netbooks don’t come equipped with an optical drive.  This means that most users are stuck with the operating system that was installed by the manufacturer. Luckily, […]

  • How to Change the Icon and Name of a USB Flash Drive

    Windows only:  Flash drives are very popular devices these days, but they don’t have to be typical.  You can change the icon and name associated with your flash drive to both personalize it and make it easy to locate. Before you change the icon, you will need to find an .ico image you like.  Many […]