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  • 4 Great Ways to Give Your Old Computer a Second Life

    Do you have an older computer sitting around and don’t know what to do with it? An old computer can be repurposed to serve as a TV, print server, file server, music server, kitchen recipe computer, and much more. 
I’ll take you through a few of the ideas, including the things you’ll need and give […]

  • Share, Organize, and Store Your Digital Files Online with Quanp

    The world of online storage is a growing one, with different services and new features coming out all the time. Quanp, pronounced “Quan-Pah”, is one which I’ve found to be quite useful not only for its online storage, but the way in which it organizes and displays your files on your desktop. Quanp, short for […]

  • How to Setup Folder Sharing with VirutalBox Guests

    Having a virtual machine installed on a personal computer offers many uses.  One use is the ability to try a new operating system before it is released, such as Windows 7. Once you’ve installed a virtual operating system, you might want to access files that are stored on the host operating system.  VirtualBox offers a […]

  • How to Keep WordPress Secure with WP Security Scan

    If you’re running a WordPress self-hosted website, you are probably aware that WordPress’s popularity has caused it to become a frequent target for hackers.  Aside from keeping your WordPress software up-to-date (which is the most important step you can take to secure your website), it is critical to make sure your site’s folder permissions are […]

  • Synchronize and Backup Your Files with SyncToy 2.0

    Are you tired of trying to keep up with synchronizing files on more than one computer or external storage device? SyncToy 2.0, a free application from Microsoft, solves this problem by allowing you to copy, move, rename, and delete files between storage devices or computers quickly and easily. Getting started with SyncToy is very easy:  […]