Tag: Anti-Malware

  • Don’t Get Caught Off Guard By Web Pages Imitating Antivirus Software

    Malware, which is any type of harmful software, uses many different methods to trick users into installing it.  A recent trend is to imitate legitimate antivirus software so you inadvertently install the malicious program. Malware creators utilize scary pictures and language to trick people into believing their computer is infected, and ultimately attempt to make […]

  • Follow Up: My Experience with Microsoft Security Essentials Anti-Malware Software

    A few months ago, Evan wrote a great article about Microsoft’s free anti-malware application, Microsoft Security Essentials. After using Microsoft Security Essentials for several months, I’ve been able to get a good sense of how it stacks up against the competition. My first experience with Security Essentials was on my own computer. It had some […]