Earn rewards for traveling with Ride

rideFor every mile that’s traveled, Ride, a free app, will give you points. Yes, really. Earn 4k points for a free RedBox rental, and up to 80k for $20 at Amazon – and virtually every increment in between.

Simply travel and earn – a program that provides its users something for nothing. No surveys answered, airline tickets purchased, or social media shares required. All you have to do is move, and they keep track of how much distance is traveled. Walking, driving, trains – it’s all covered. So long as you’re moving, Ride is keeping track.

Sound too good to be true?

What’s the Catch?

Even though it doesn’t run off of GPS, Ride is still a bit of a battery drainer. (In order for it to work, the app has to be open in one’s phone background.) It’s also unclear just how it supports itself, since there are no fees or ads. They could be selling location information (though that’s data that sounds like it wouldn’t net much profit), but in a world where smartphones are already on the grid, it’s not exactly a privacy violation.

Another downside is flying, where users could potentially earn a killing in miles. Because airplane mode just doesn’t cut it for air traveling standards, phones have to be completely powered off. This means Ride, along with every other point-earning app, can’t keep track of your location. It’s unsure whether or not Ride calculates the change in location, though that would certainly be a viable solution.

In Use

On average, a little more than two points is earned for each mile traveled. This means, depending on how much one travels, a reward can be earned in as little as a couple of months. Sure this may seem like a bit of a wait (especially vs. reward apps that have a much higher point ratio), but when the miles are already being traveled, why not tack on an added bonus? And considering the only requirement is keeping the app running (shut it off when staying put to save battery life), the decision to use it becomes even easier.

Whether frequent traveler or one who moseys into the grocery store once a week, Ride is a great app for earning outside rewards. Free to use, and virtually maintenance free, consider using Ride today for an added boost to all your errand traveling trips.

Head to TheRideApp.com to get started.






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