Custom mobile apps made easy with MobileSmith

mobilesmith screensThe difference between those who want to make an app and those who have the skills to write the code for an app is huge – Facebook-numbers huge. And while anyone with a PayPal account can pay a developer to do the job for them, there’s far more efficient ways to create a custom app, such as app-making software. Taking half the time and less than half of the funds (assuming you can’t do it yourself), these programs allow virtually anyone to create their own custom mobile app.

All that’s needed is an idea and the willingness to turn it into something new, and users of all tech experience levels can be on their way to creating a unique program with MobileSmith’s Mobile App Smith software.

How it Works

Through the site’s platform, users take step-by-step instructions, which allow plenty of room for creativity, to create their app. This also includes helpful webinars that offer industry tips, such as what to include on each app page, or how to best streamline user clicks. Utilizing options like these up front can greatly increase the chances that an app will be selected by stores; apps that are created from scratch can often miss key guidelines. The site points these out along the way and offers suggestions to best overcome each potential hurdle.

When getting started, users can take a free strategy session for a better handle on their ideas, then work with MobileSmith professionals – including in-house designers who give each app a custom look – to create a functional, successful app. The site also includes code required by app stores, such as location identification abilities.

The Need

Within the mobile community, programs like MobileSmith allow all types of companies (or individuals) to create an interactive app. Without app creation software, the development, from scratch, is left to the engineers. This method is usually far more time consuming and much more costly. However, this middle ground helps level the field – still allowing for apps to be created while making the logistics far more efficient. App stores are also likely to jump on board as this expansion will bring them more traffic and platforms to offer users.

Whether a smartphone user or app developer (aspiring counts!), platforms like MobileSmith offer a great service to help cut out the middle steps. To create your own custom app today, head to their site and get started.



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3 responses to “Custom mobile apps made easy with MobileSmith”

  1. zipguy Avatar

    Wow, MobileSmith looks great! Thanks. Wish I had a good MobileSmith idea, but I just started thinking about it. Been using a cell phone, as a phone (clunker & heavy), for years.
    Wish me luck! I may get a good idea for Custom App Smith.

  2. Rebecca Takemoto Avatar
    Rebecca Takemoto

    I really can’t recommend you go with MobileSmith for any custom app development. I hired them to develop an event app for a client last year and we had all kinds of trouble, including their whole system going dark because someone forgot to pay the bill! This year, a great sales guy talked me into giving them another chance. It took me some time to get my client to agree and when they finally agreed, MobileSmith re-negged on their earlier proposal. All in all, not a good experience at all!

  3. Bethaney Wallace Avatar
    Bethaney Wallace

    Sorry to hear that, Rebecca. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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