Without making some changes, Apple can’t stay on top forever

alternate apple logoWhen it comes to Apple, most people think they can do no wrong. Each time they come out with a new product, customers are lining up down the street to get their hands on it – regardless of price or how many previous Apple products they may have. So when, say, Apple decides to change their power cords or requires in the upwards of $20 for a single service call, the customers go along.

And why shouldn’t they? Apple is (arguably) the best option for durability and electronic safety, and their products are just so cute. When you buy an Apple, you know it’s going to work, you know there’s only a tiny chance you’ll get a virus, and you know you have purchased from the most recognizable, and perhaps most respected computer/mobile device creator.

But why all the hoops? Why must we buy adapters to charge our new devices with our old cords? Why won’t our old computer chargers work with our new computers – even when the hardware is the same shape? When wanting an unlocked phone, why must we pay hundreds? And even after our wireless contract is fulfilled, the phone is still attached to the service provider – does that seem fair? (Especially since a profit is still being made on the signing price.) But most of all, Apple, why is everything so secretive?

Consumers have proved loyal release after surprise release, yet every new piece of electronic is still kept under pinky-sworn secrecy until launch day. Surely you can imagine our disappointment when minimal changes are made – after all that to-do we wanted screen unlock with facial recognition, two-week battery life, or at least the option of a new color.

Even for the fans, it’s hard to get past some of these glaring issues, especially as the products remain massively expensive with few updates in between.

In an alternate, un-secretive universe, Apple could leak their own news to see the feedback before a product hits shelves. Then again, maybe they just don’t care. Because of all the loyal fan money coming in (even the money they earn from new adapters matters), the company is still making ends meet and then some. Maybe it’s time to get past the “Apple can do no wrong” phase and realize that, just like every company, without happy customers, there’s no business. Without making some changes, Apple can’t stay on top forever. Let’s just hope said changes come before the growing pains are too great.






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