How to cash in with Viggle: Earn money while watching TV

viggle logoFor those missing out on getting free stuff for watching TV, welcome to the world of Viggle. Open to all iOS and Android users, this app allows us to “check in” to live TV shows or movies, which earn points toward gifts and discounts. Free to download and working with our current tube-watching schedules, it’s an app that might change the way we indulge in entertainment.

How Viggle works

The next time you sit down to watch Bones or Who’s the Boss reruns, just click “check in” and point your mic toward the TV. Viggle then identifies the program (it’s usually right, but sometimes takes a few tries, or if the show can’t be located you can type it in) and rewards you that show’s respective points. The earlier you check in to the show, the more point will be rewarded. Ad points are also offered, and there’s a sign-up wall where points can be earned for signing up for credit cards, etc.

Of course this sounds too good to be true, but it works, I swear. In about 10 months, I earned $90 worth of gift cards to various stores. I checked in only when it was convenient and made no extra efforts to find a TV when I wasn’t already watching. BUT this was also during the glory days of Viggle. Shows were often rewarded at 300-400 points a pop, 75 and 100-point ads were given freely, and only 14,000 points were needed to earn a $10 iTunes card.

Living high and loose caught up with the brand, and now primetime shows are 50 points, most with trivia, and ads are few and far between. Earning $10 will now cost 20k points, or the equivalent in iTunes dollars (when available) costs a whopping 25k points.


Making it worthwhile

With these rapid inflation of points (and subsequent loss in what shows are worth), Viggle took a quick turn toward not being worth the effort. But, it’s still free money for watching TV, right? To earn the same amount of points, we simply have to get creative when using the app.

To earn more points:

  • Check in at the beginnings of shows. If you wait until the last half (even if you watched the whole show), points or prorated for the amount of minutes documented.
  • Watch sports. Sporting events offer more bang for your time. Check out local showtimes and cash in.
  • Play the games. Whether it be MyGuy, which allows players to earn based off players’ performances, or trivia, which gives points for right (and even wrong) answers, play along. These may drain your phone battery, but offer a significant swing in point totals. (Between check ins, ads, and trivia, I earned nearly 2k points during the Grammys.)
  • Watch the ads. Even if you don’t watch them, “watch” them (we can only stand the same commercial so many times). These can be anywhere from 5 to 150 points.
  • Check in at prime time. While these shows are listed at 50, Viggle is notorious for giving out check-in bonuses that often double or triple your points. We may never know what they’re going to be, but the surprise is definitely worth it.
  • For bulk points, check out Viggle’s wall. Many require shopping or company sign ups, but you can also find videos; the offers are always changing.

Who says you can’t get something for nothing? With Viggle, earn gift cards and merchandise just for watching TV. And with the tips above, you’re sure to earn as many points as possible.



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  1. Geek_News Avatar

    I’ve been testing it out for a few and have to agree with this statement “Viggle took a quick turn toward not being worth the effort!!” I watch a far amount of TV anyways and try to check in as often as possible and at the rate I’m going it’ll take over a month just to get to the 4k mark which is one of the lowest possible checkouts with a 1day RedBox rental. It’s nice having some of the chat features and interactive stuff like quizzes but they need more and more rewards.

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