Get curious and play the mobile game Curiosity

Curiosity is not your average mobile game. It doesn’t tell you to knock down forts built by pigs, it doesn’t ask you to draw something, and it definitely doesn’t ask you to harvest a field. No, all that Curiosity asks is for you to answer one simple question: What’s inside the cube?

This simplistic, mysterious game idea was conceived by the developer group 22Cans and the well known game designer Peter Molyneux. It can be found on all major mobile platforms (Android and iOS) and can be played with or without logging into Facebook. Once the game is loaded, a cube should appear with what looks like a mismatch of two colors. In actuality, those colors being shown are two different layers consisting of much smaller cubes.

The layers are disappearing!

The main function of the game is to chip these tiny cublets off the outer layer to fully expose the inner layer. Since the cube is run on a giant server, at any given time countless people are breaking away that outer layer (and potentially in the exact same area you are breaking cubes at). One the outer layer is completely gone, the process repeats itself on the inner layer; layer by layer, cube by cube, until the final layer is revealed.

At the final layer is where Curiosity gets interesting. Whomever breaks the final cube on the final layer wins whatever is inside the cube. What could it be? Money? Fame? A free copy of Black and White or Fable 3? An all exclusive paid trip to Sheboygan, Wisconsin? That’s why the game is called Curiosity; we won’t really know what lies inside until that final click happens.

Until that day comes (it is rumored that there is 1000 layers to break through), enjoy the addicting gameplay Curiosity has to offer.

If you haven’t noticed, every time you break a small cube, you get coins. These coins can be used in the Curiosity main menu to improve your block smashing abilities on the current layer. The more cubelets you smash, the more coins you get, the better tools you can use, and so on. Furthermore, because the game is constantly being updated and improved, better tools and items are on the horizon to take your cube breaking abilities to 11.

The main page also has a Stats section that tells you how many layers have been removed so far and how many cubelets are left on the present layer. Your Facebook profile can also be linked to your coins so that you can move them across mobile platforms (as well as boast to your friends how awesome your cube wrecking skills are).

Sooner or later, that final cube will be revealed. Will your finger be the one to break it and reap the spoils?



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