Two Sites that Generate Tweets on your Behalf

As a person who frequents the social status-updating platform Twitter, I have always pondered if there will come a time that, like the annals of history itself, my tweets will eventually become cyclical and redundant in nature.  As a human being, I thrive off being a creature of habit and learning from past experiences, so it would make sense to argue that the more I tweet, the greater the possibility that I will either repeat myself or become void of concentrated thought.

So to counteract the days that I feel disconnected with my tweeting realm, I decided to consider two non-stressful “tweet generating” options to fill in the gaps: That can be my Next Tweet and Automatic Tweet Generator.  And yes, by “tweet generating,” I mean that they generate the tweets for you.

That Can Be my Next Tweet

That Can Be my Next Tweet is a site by Monokai in which takes the repetition of Twitter statuses to the level of personalized tweet mashing.  Essentially, one places a Twitter account name into the text box, and once “get your next tweet” is pressed a fancy computer algorithm (black magic) cuts, copies, and pastes words and phrases from your tweeting history (also known as tweet DNA) to give you an aggregate, individualistic tweet that theoretically should be similar to what you might normally tweet about.

Now unfortunately (or fortunately) for everyone, it is not perfect in its responses.  Most of the time it creates fragmented, grammar abused tweets with hilarious content, but if you give it a little time it does produce some that could pass 10th grade English.

Here are some funny examples of both situations based off three different Techerator celebrity’s accounts:


I might actually say something like that

Kevin Schulte:

Evan Wondrasek:

I hate when that happens…

This site also comes in an Android and iOS mobile app so that one can generate doppelgänger tweets on the go as well.  The mobile app also allows for two Twitter accounts to be entered so that even more conjoined tweets can be created with humorous results.

Automatic Tweet Generator

If one feels that their Twitter account already is already saturated with personalized thoughts, an alternative is to have this website (known as the Automatic Tweet Generator) create a random, topical tweets for general purpose tweeting.  This site goes off the same principles of the Video Game Name Generator (which I highly recommend trying if you have a few hours to spare), where a database of generic phrases, celebrity names, and words (with some profanity and reference to drug use) are accessed to form complete and utterly random tweets to potentially post.

Here are a few to consider:

Those darn vegans and their bikes…

If one finds the grammar and topics still not humorous enough, you can suggest to the creator ideas and topics for them to add, thus helping the random tweet generating odds.


So if you are a concerned, repetition-fearing person like myself, take comfort in fact that these two tweet generating sites provide a quick way to keep those tweets coming (with entertaining results).  After all, no one wants to be like the Invasion of Russia.

(Many Thanks to Evan Wondrasek and Kevin Schulte for letting me humorize their Twitter Accounts)



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  1. Nicholas Orlando Avatar
    Nicholas Orlando

    It also works great for comments on Techerator:

    “Not so sure about a Chrome Extension for French Dip Sandwiches. Awesome. Christmas Ale Milkshake?”

  2. TribalStyleMarketing Avatar

    I’m kind of against stuff like this but if it floats your boat, kudos.  I still think personalization is the key to success.  Giving a crap & effort are so under rated.

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