How are you using your smartphone? Just look at your fingerprints.

How people are using their smartphones may have never crossed their minds, which isn’t surprising since it’s an activity that we don’t put a lot of thought into — we just do it. It’s certainly not something the average user thinks about. However, if you’re reading this, you’re probably not the average user, you’re someone who’s geeky enough to wonder how exactly you’re using your phone. If you ever wondered what sections of your smartphone’s screen are the most popular, just take a look at your fingerprints that are caked all over it.

Here’s your mission: Don’t clean your smartphone’s display for at least week (you can go longer if you’d like). I know, the thought of not whipping out your microfiber cloth and giving your smartphone a good shine makes you sick to your stomach, but I promise you’ll get a good experience out it.

After a week has gone by, place your phone under a bright light and look at it at an angle. You should see some major fingerprintage going on. Now analyze where the majority of fingerprints are. Perhaps it’s on the top-left portion where your Gmail app is located or on the bottom half where the virtual keyboard is for the textaholics.

For me, the majority of fingerprints are on the bottom half in the center of the screen with a few stray ones at the top where the notification center pull-down is, as well as a few on the back button at the bottom.

This can also apply to tablets or any other devices with a touchscreen, not just smartphones.

You’ll most likely learn nothing of extreme value from this experiment, but it’s just fun to see where you’re interacting with the screen the most. Share with us in the comments what sections of your touchscreen-equipped devices that are the most popular for you.



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