Galaxy Nexus: How to prevent newly-installed apps from creating shortcuts on your home screen

If you’re like me and have recently switched from an Android phone running Froyo (Android 2.2) or Gingerbread (Android 2.3) to the brand-new Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you may have been surprised to find that apps installed from the Android Market automatically have shortcuts placed on the home screen. I’m sure this feature is convenient for most people, but I prefer to include only essential apps on my home screen and relegate the rest to my app drawer.

Thinking the automatic shortcut placement was controlled by the Galaxy Nexus/Ice Cream Sandwich home screen, I searched in vain to find a way to disable the feature. As it turns out, it’s actually a setting in the Android Market and is quite easy to disable.

How to disable automatic home screen app shortcuts

Step 1. Open the Android Market.

Step 2. Press the new Menu button in the top right. (Yes, it’s three vertical dots and is no longer included in the standard Android buttons bar – I’ll be covering topic in the near future I’m sure.) Select Settings.


Step 3. Uncheck Auto-add shortcuts.


That’s it! Your home screen will now be untouched by new applications.

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9 responses to “Galaxy Nexus: How to prevent newly-installed apps from creating shortcuts on your home screen”

  1. Nick Post Avatar

    First off, I’m happy to see you got a new phone. Second, that seems like a Samsung issue. I’m sure the Samsung home screen launcher does that to make android seem more “Apple” like. 

    I agree 100% that apps go in the drawer unless wanted on home screen. 

    1. Evan Wondrasek Avatar

      From what I’ve read, this feature has been typically included in Android since Gingerbread. It’s a feature of the Market and not the home screen.

  2. Jeff Avatar

    Good post. That was annoying me for some time. Side not is that since Google changed the Android market to the Play store, it’s now labeled as “widget” instead of shortcut.

  3. Zornorph316 Avatar

    This is not working for me. The Auto-Add shortcuts button is unchecked and I still get those annoying shortcuts popping up. Today, I got two identical sets of three.

  4. Chris Morrow Avatar

    Huh, my new Optimus S came with this feature turned off and I actually wanted it, so… thank you for showing me how to turn it on!

  5. sam Avatar

    thnk u very much

  6. anton Avatar

    Thanks a ton

  7. raghukazuya Avatar

    Thank you for you valuable Information

  8. Rafi Avatar

    Thanks for the post. I was searching for the solution to this. Now my home screen will not be filled with shortcuts. Its with the new android versions

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