A Chrome Experiment that (Literally) Shakes up the Google Homepage

Give people the option to work with Google Chrome using JavaScript, HTML5, and other browser tools, and they’ll start designing some pretty creative things.  For example:

Is that the Google homepage?  It certainly appears that way.  But something is wrong.

Did I break it?

Sweet mercy…the Google homepage has developed its own gravitational force.  The second you hover over the page with your mouse the buttons, search bar, and logo break apart and all fall down to the bottom of the browser.  This crazy creation is from a designer called Mr.doob, and comes from the Google Chrome Experiments site, which houses tons of user created tweaks, graphics, and experimental coding to make Google Chrome more exciting and aesthetic.  In this forceful experiment, each component from the home page can be moved about and thrown around before eventually settling down.  But wait, there’s more.

I hope science can fix this

Every time you use the search bar, results just fall down and fill up the frame.  It’s gravi-tastic!  So go ahead, waste some time on this awesome Chrome experiment, and maybe you’ll be inspired to make something just as great.






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    This is my homepage 😀

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