Three Sheets coming to Spike TV February 8th

If you like a little history on your bar drink, are a fan of the Travel Channel, or just like to watch people act goofy after throwing back a few drinks, then “Three Sheets” is definitely a show to check out.

For those of you who don’t know, “Three Sheets” is a show all about the different drinking customs from all over the world. Whether it’s sake bombs in Japan or opening a beer bottle with a snowboard in Whistler, host and comedian Zane Lamprey’s got it covered.

Making its debut in 2005 on the HD channel MOJO, “Three Sheets” took off and word spread about the show worldwide.  Even within the first season (and first couple of episodes, too), random passer byers of the featured drinking country would stop Zane and ask him if he was “that guy going around the world to different bars, getting drunk,” to which he would respond “Who me? No. No. Must be another guy you’re thinking of.”

In December of 2008, midway into recording the fourth season of “Three Sheets,” MOJO went off the air. The Fine Living Channel (FLN) picked up it for a fourth season, but decided to drop it after the channel was changed to The Cooking Channel. After that, it was played sporadically on the Travel Channel before being dropped all together. From there, Zane took matters into his own hands and, after a talk with HDNet owner Mark Cuban, started shooting a show all about the drinking customs in America called “Drinking Made Easy.” While filming, Zane received word that the rights to “Three Sheets” had been picked up by another channel (hopefully for good) called Spike TV.

I can easily say that “Three Sheets” finally coming back from hiatus may be the best news since I heard Cold Play was going to break up back in 2008. I remember the first time I watched “Three Sheets” and  later trying to describe the awesomeness of it to my friends. MOJO was such an obscure channel that no one seemed to have, or for that matter watch, it. I owe everything I know about alcohol, and my vast knowledge of Scotch Whiskey included, to “Three Sheets.” I hope that the audience exposed to the show on Spike TV is finally one that will appreciate the show for what it is; a comedy with a little bit substance snuck in (not to mention a drinking game for those of you that know the unwritten rules).

“Three Sheets” airs Tuesdays, starting February 8th, at 10:30pm on Spike TV. The first four seasons are available to watch on Hulu.






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