Holidays 2.0: How the Internet Changed (and saved) Christmas

The internet is without a doubt one of the greatest and furthest reaching inventions in the history of mankind. It allows for near instantaneous communication with people on the other side of the planet (and even in outer space). Internet connectivity has become so ingrained into our everyday lives that it’s often hard to imagine life without it.

Nearly every single day of my life begins and ends with the internet. I turn on my computer first thing after rolling out of bed and check my e-mail and Twitter feed. Throughout the day I keep connected through my smartphone; I talk with friends on Twitter, keep up to date with the latest news, and kill time between classes thanks to sites like Reddit. At work I use the internet to find solutions to tech support problems. As the day winds down, sites like Hulu let me keep up with my favorite TV shows without having to adhere to strict television schedules.

When the holiday season rolls around the internet becomes even more invaluable. Instead of having to brave the inevitable holiday rush (and, God forbid, socialize with strangers) or resort to something drastic like shopping at a 24 hour store at 3 am, I do most of my holiday shopping online from the comfort of my computer chair. Not only is it easier, faster, and more convenient getting everything delivered to you, the internet offers a much larger selection and you can even save money in the process.

In smaller cities, you’re often at the mercy of the retailers. If you’re shopping for something specific and lucky enough to find someone who carries it, you get the pleasure of paying whatever price they set. By shopping online you’re almost guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. Even better, shopping around is much easier on the internet. Many things can be found brand new for lower prices on auction sites like eBay, and there are entire sites dedicated to compiling lists of the lowest prices for products.

The internet has single-handedly changed the way we live our lives. As it continues to evolve, I look forward to seeing how it impacts our society in other positive ways.

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